Essential Youth Campaign

At the heart of The Cookie Shop is curiosity and experimentation. First for storytelling, second for sharing it with new technology.  

Essential Products is a new technology company in Silicon Valley. Essential Phone was created with the vision to break free from mobile industry norms. From its logo-free design to its cordless and magnetic accessories, it challenged status quo. To introduce Essential’s first student campaign for back-to-school season, I partnered with LA-based film production studio Snow Beach and director Brendan Vaughan to develop an anthem piece that would inspire students to celebrate their individuality and to look to Essential Phone as a tool for their creative pursuits.

Vision: Essential Phone is for the future

Scope: Brand strategy, creative direction, campaign development

Highlights: Working with people who have a relentless spirit for raw storytelling. Riding in the trunk of a Suburban with the cinematographer for the highway shot. Next level hair.