Instrument Brand Management

With an ethos drawn from the DIY spirit of Fugazi and a few computer servers named Truth, Effort, and Courage this company grew from a development resource to one of the most respected digital agencies in the world. 

After a couple of years as strategist on the Nike and Google accounts at Instrument, I realized what I loved most about the place—beyond its thoughtful portfolio—was an ethos that favored honesty and integrity. I was compelled to extrapolate what seemed collectively felt about its creative philosophy and culture, to attract more like-minded partners, allies and friends.

This became my solo project, which eventually took form as an official brand department—an internal innovation and communications arm of the business. We were a group of experienced specialists across disciplines, whose responsibility was to deepen Instrument's narrative across multiple channels and touch points and to help expand its capabilities. I focused on brand strategy, public relations, and community efforts. I helped define Instrument's brand foundation, built, managed editorial and social content, developed engaging programs and events, supervised a bunch of eager interns, spoke to the media and helped my teammates do the same. There was no true formula except to ground this work in the company's founding principles. My belief is that the passion and energy I infused into this body of work for Instrument still lives on in the company today.