Nike Fieldhouse Retail

“If you have a body, you are an athlete.” Nike's sport heritage serves as vision and anchor for its retail redesign. 

Nike Fieldhouse is a new retail design standard aimed to embody the brand's sport heritage at Nike stores all over the world. Portland design firm Big-Giant worked with Nike's Direct-To-Consumer retail division to refresh and standardize environmental graphics, finishes, wayfinding and more—which first showed up in the San Francisco, Santa Monica, and New York stores. As design manager at Big-Giant, I coordinated the production and implementation of this work down to the paint color and letter thickness. 

Mission: Retail standardization and amplification of Nike’s rich sport heritage

Scope: Design management, vendor coordination, and creative production

Highlights: Fact-checking quotes from famous athletes in hundreds of mechanical files.

Westport — Connecticut

Westport — Connecticut