Red Bull Music Academy Festival LA

With an ethos drawn from the DIY spirit of Fugazi and a few computer servers named Truth, Effort, and Courage this company grew from a development resource to one of the most respected digital agencies in the world. 

Good collaboration is often times the ability to listen and communicate well while doing the damn thing—independently. This is what our design studio Public-Library had with Red Bull when we set out to pitch and develop an advertising campaign for the first Red Bull Music Academy Festival in Los Angeles. It was a symbiotic connection. 

Sure, my formal role here was "producer" but more than anything it was the opportunity to be a creative catalyst. From bridging a design thesis with research and insight, to connecting image makers and artists to a vision, or ensuring that my team and our vendors were set up to deliver the hundreds of visual assets—print, video, rich media, out of home, search—to the highest standard possible. Sometimes that's as hands on as auditing media placement opportunities and going out into the city to understand how people might perceive a visual on their daily commute. It's all part of proofing a creative concept, breaking the system to rebuild it, and letting go of ego to arrive at something new and exciting. 

The Red Bull Music Academy Festival LA was a month long engagement that led music lovers to the discovery of new sounds, sights and friends. It was a thrill to witness so many people fall in love with Los Angeles, for the first time or all over again.