Vince LaVecchia, Partner & Co-Founder @ Instrument — 

When we hired Cecilia, we knew we had found someone very special. Her impact was felt immediately and her combination of intellect and heart combined to bring both deep thought and rational ideas to our company since day one.

Cecilia played many roles at Instrument from brand strategist to PR to events to community manager. In the end, her role was that of a Brand Manager for the Instrument brand, on a new team that we positioned to push the Instrument brand forward. In every role, Cecilia pushed our organization and the people around her to achieve more, think deeper and challenge our assumptions about what Instrument could be and could do, to be better.

Cecilia lives by a set of high personal and professional values that she does not easily compromise, traits that consistently position her at the center of quality work and big ideas well executed. Her values and expectations always fit well with Instrument’s desire to project quality over quantity, and a genuine connection to culture and community.

CC lives these values and her side projects are a testament to her passion for fashion, culture and good design. Cecilia will be a treasured asset to any group or organization creating, producing or curating output that requires great strategy and high quality execution. She works well independently or within a team and will drive initiatives forward passionately to 100% success. We will miss her influence greatly at Instrument.


Toby Grubb, Partner & Creative Director @ This — 

When I was in grade school, my friend had a pair of gold lamé MC Hammer pants, I felt so cool standing next to him in the lunchroom and on the playground. He was on point - an early-adopter and a trend-setter. I feel the same way when I'm with Cecilia. Her cool is contagious. She's a thought-leader that exhibits a high level of taste and awareness of youth/popular culture and high fashion. You want her on your playground. 

I’ve worked with Cecilia creatively, strategically and socially during our time at Instrument. She’s incredibly organized, intelligent, confident and well-spoken. She's not afraid to roll up her sleeves and get up to her elbows in analytical data. She has a good heart and is driven to contribute to the greater good. 


Steven Denekas, Executive Creative Director @ Instrument — 

Cecilia is a versatile, smart, forward-thinking creative, strategist, writer and artist. She effortlessly handles every aspect of her projects from start to completion, delivering strategic insights and beautifully written copy. She collaborates and pushes you to find dynamic and new solutions to the task at hand. Cecilia doesn't back away from the tough conversations. Her continued work for inclusion and diversity in the industry has guided me throughout my hiring practices.


Mai Tran Green, Sr. Director Customer Engagement & Marketing @ Salesforce — 

Cecilia's expectations are above the rest, her hard work and high level of commitment produces quantifiable results. She's punctual and takes ownership of her projects and tasks at hand. I can rely on her to manage projects and delegate as necessary. Along with this, she's creative and has great communication. She's an A++ in my book! 


Timothy Heider, Senior Developer @ Instrument

I had the good fortune of working with Cecilia at Instrument. We collaborated on several projects together and it was always a pleasure and learning experience for me. Cecilia is inspiring and creative and has a very infectious positive energy that motivates and inspires people to do great work.