Instrument is experimenting with virtual reality storytelling. “The Bodega” is a live action video project shot in 360°.

The internal project was created by the agency’s in-house content team, with limited budget and production time. I was asked to cast and style five actors/dancers for the project. My role on the agency's brand team also allowed me to tell the story on Instrument's social and blog channels.

Photographs by Ryan Garber

The video urges you to look around—to find excitement in everyday moments. 

DIY 360° GoPro Camera Rig

DIY 360° GoPro Camera Rig

Color pops, texture and pattern were key in the styling—infusing “excitement in everyday moments” through wardrobe. The dancers are part of 11: Dance Co based in Portland.

Huy Pham of 11: Dance Co.

This was a fast paced, all hands on deck content collaboration that conveyed Instrument's ability to quickly build and experiment with storytelling in virtual reality and other emerging technology. Read more about the making of the film


Watch “The Bodega”

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Photography by Ryan Garber