The Bodega — 360° Video

Instrument is experimenting with virtual reality storytelling. “The Bodega” is a live action video project shot in 360°.

The Bodega is a live action video project shot in 360°. The film urges you to look around. To find excitement in everyday moments and in every corner of your surroundings. 

It was birthed by Instrument's content production team with limited resources. I contributed to the casting and styling of five professional dancers, then helped share the process of making it on Instrument's social and digital channels. 

Color pops, texture and pattern were key in the styling—infusing excitement in mundane moments through wardrobe. 

This was a fast paced, all hands on deck collaboration that aspired to convey the agency's penchant for experimentation with emerging technology. 

The making of the film. 


Photography by Ryan Garber