As a digital creative agency, storytelling is one of Instrument’s passions, and virtual reality is currently impacting this area more than ever. Along with the brand team, I concepted The Cookie Shop—a place to learn, inspire and create with virtual reality. It is an incubator inside the agency for nurturing creativity and supporting collaborations with artists, developers, brands and community. 

In addition to the irreverent naming, I also developed the strategic programming pillars, communications strategy, educational tools, and partnership proposals and outreach for The Cookie Shop.

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The Cookie Shop aims to:

  • Explore different methods of storytelling, platforms and devices. 

  • Champion the technology within our industry and community by making it more accessible and community-driven. 

  • Create excitement for Instrument's developers to create in VR with a Developer Playground. 

These three objectives touch on the pop-up space's core foundational pillars Learn, Inspire and Create. 

Campaign Hub

I oversaw strategic and communication components across all three pillars, resulting in the following:   

  • Communications: Developed key messaging and positioning for how employees and the brand talks about The Cookie Shop. 

  • Partnerships: Brokered relationships and opportunities with Oregon Story Board, STRIVR Labs, local VR and tech meetups, as well as educational and youth organizations. 

  • Events: Supported in securing notable speakers such as Paul Reynolds, Kent Bye and Alysha Naples to the space for sold out 150+ attendee events. 

  • VR 101: Developed learning materials and workshops for over 120+ employees. 

  • Developer Labs: Provided strategy and planning for the development of a VR boxing coach project spearheaded by Instrument's developers. The project debuted at WeMake conference in Portland October 2016.

Shadow — VR boxing coach @ WeMake conference

Shadow — VR boxing coach @ WeMake conference

The Cookie Shop is a first of its kind space that connects community with industry. While VR incubators and production labs within agencies are not new, Instrument uniquely positioned The Cookie Shop as "open-source" to align with its core values as a collaborative company and brand. Together in learning, experimentation, and knowledge sharing, we will further advance the development of 3D experiences for all. 

When you smell fresh baked cookies in the building, you know that something's cooking in The Cookie Shop. 


Photography: Instrument


Concept Development