The Gleamery

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Brand: The Gleamery
Industry: Dental services
Location: Portland, OR

The Gleamery is a venture-backed dental services platform making oral healthcare more smileworthy. As the first in-house hire I’ve collaborated in-step with the Founder, agency partners and advisors since 2019 to launch and scale the company. 

I’ve had a hand in building every facet of the company’s culture and DNA. You name it, from brand system to go-to-market plan—even designing the calming scent of laurel leaf and coconut within the space. Balancing everchanging processes and growth ambitions, pressure testing archaic healthcare systems against modern hospitality frameworks, I’ve worn nearly every hat to ship best-in-class experiences that redefine dental wellness.

Working from a place of both deep conviction and empathy, I’ve helped pave the way for The Gleamery’s ambitious plans for national expansion—and as a result, more cavity-free communities.

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