📁 Person

Cecilia Doan
b. Saigon
Currently in SF/Bay Area, CA

Instagram: @ccdoan
Email: cecilialdoan@gmail.com

📁 Approach
I center creative culture, community building, and story innovation—bringing 12+ years of agency experience in partnership with brands such as Nike, Red Bull, A24, Headspace, and Google. In recent years I’ve transitioned to in-house creative and marketing for consumer-facing startups/companies across healthcare, technology, fashion and hospitality. In 2022, I founded Two Two, a gallery-shop and concept space for emerging fashion and craft-forward programming in Oakland, CA. 

Versatile, enterprising, honest. I leverage the following for my work as a creative leader: brand strategy, creative and art direction, campaign development, copywriting, graphic design, account and project management, content production, lifestyle marketing, trend analysis, go-to-market, social media, public relations, talent management, partnerships and events. 


I am open to contract and freelance in creative/marketing beginning February 2023, or 1-2 week strategy sprints now.

Two Two is developing our Spring 2024 event calendar and open to exhibition and workshop submissions from artists and creatives. 

📁 Purposeful Projects